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Wade T. Oberlin

Underwriting and Marketing

Hailing from Jamestown, Ohio, Wade got his start in  broadcasting while serving with the United States Navy at the Armed Forces Network station Eagle 810 in Yokota, Japan. Broadcasting on AM radio across the Kanto Plain, listenership was shared by both American Forces and a Japanese shadow audience tuning in for American Top 40 and an insight to military operations at home and abroad.

Wade has since developed an affinity for radio, especially when it serves a community and serves-up eclectic mixes of music and news programming. This was reflected in his time spent as a volunteer and later as a volunteer coordinator for KSER in Everett, Washington, which has historic ties to KRAB Seattle, Lorenzo Milam, Pacifica and an encompassing spirit. Wade developed his own "Last Exit" program; at first a freeform variety show with local guests, and later a more straight-ahead jazz program.

Returning home in 2019, Wade is happy to bring his talents and passions to WCSU, Central State University and Greene / Montgomery County. 



  • Dr. Mark Lomax, drummer and educator, is set to visit Antioch in Yellow Springs on Saturday, December 2nd. Cheryl Durgans, Yellow Springs News, interviews Dr. Lomax for WCSU-FM. Mark Lomax Trio at the Foundry Theater - Antioch College
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  • Food Trucks, Demonstrations and Fun Events at the BIPOC Farming Network 2023 Farming Conference! Cheryl Durgans, Yellow Springs News, and Patty Allen, the program manager for the network, discuss the upcoming Conference, featuring open activities held at Central State University on Friday September 29th and Saturday September 30th. Free and open to the public!The BIOPC Farming Network hosts the 2023 Black Farming Conference.The event will kick-off with a Keynote Dinner on Friday, September 29 at the National Afro-American Museum at 6:00 p.m. featuring Timothy Lewis, Founding Partner, of Rid-All Green Partnership in Cleveland. On Saturday, September 30, a Farm Fair with vendors, exhibits, food trucks, demonstrations, and other fun activities will be held at the National Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center located Central State University and other sites on the campus. The event is open to the public, no-registration required. However, there are limited spots for workshops and skillshares, that will also take place on the Central State University campus.**Any underserved farmer attending the Black Farming Conference is strongly encouraged to sign up for the 2501 Program, which provides professional development stipend through CSU. The stipend is paid after attending the event with the intention of covering costs to participate, such as lodging and travel.
  • Wade Oberlin describes his experiences with the sometimes exhuberant and sometimes vulgar tome, Dino: Living High In The Dirty Business Of Dreams.
  • Seth Laffey reads Chapter 1 of The Scarlet Letter, and describes the life and development of Nathaniel Hawthorne in this episode!
  • When Spirit Week Got Spooky!Time: The Present.Location: A small university in a rural setting.Written by the DRM 2215 Class and Cast Members:Student Cast of The Vampire Tales!Dawn AndrewsTiara BullockPhillip BuxtonMyles CalhounJanelle JacksonDaniel MannAlexander McLeodDallas SandersAjae TalisonMatthew WillisDirector - John FlemingWriting Coach and Narration - Felicia ChappelleTechnical Director and Recording Engineer - Stephon LaneEditor and Producer - Wade Oberlin---Original poster by Janelle Jackson, first performed at the Paul Robeson Cultural and Performing Arts Center. Produced for radio broadcast at WCSU-FM by Stephon Lane and Wade Oberlin.Music For... The Vampire Tales, A Radio DramaRonald Stein - Zontar: The Thing From Venus OST … Original ScoreKrzysztof Komeda - The Fearless Vampire Killers OST … Original ScoreRonald Stein (as Leonard Morand) - Queen Of Blood OST … Original Score---Jesper Kyd and Raymond Watts - MDK2 OST … “Laboratory” and “Ambient"---Wolf Eyes - “Dead Hills” … performed liveIannis Xenakis - "Rebonds A & B” … performed by Alan Kataokaand Pedro Carneiro, respectivelyJonathan Scott - "Swan Lake Op. 20 - Pjotr Tchaikovsky,Main Theme, Organ Finale"TB Olofsson - "Swan Lake Op. 20 - Pjotr Tchaikovsky,Main Theme, Organ”---Roscoe Mitchell - “Sound” … self-titled pieceConrad Schnitzler - “Blau (Bureau B)” …excerptsWolf Eyes & Anthony Braxton - “Black Vomit” … self-titled pieceDaniel Martin-McCormick - “The Crying Game” & “Waving Goodbye"… online-only release and “Honeymoon Babylon”Roscoe Mitchell and The Brus Trio - “After Fallen Leaves” … self-titled pieceBrian Eno - "Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks" ... "Signals"Derek Monypeny - “The Hand As Dealt” … self-titled piece
  • In episode 35 we chat with the owner and manager of Third Perk Coffeehouse located in downtown Dayton, Ohio. Juanita is a consultant, developer, educator, & entrepreneur.