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Kim Williams, Traci Martin, & TyYanna Sharp

In episode 44 of the show "Life with DJ Sessions," we had the opportunity to interview accomplished real estate professionals, including President Kim Williams of Howard Hanna Real Estate Services, 1st Vice President Traci Martin, also affiliated with Howard Hanna Real Estate Services, and 2nd Vice President TyYanna Sharp from The Agora Group. During this episode, we delved into discussions about increasing awareness and membership of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB). These seasoned real estate agents, who concurrently hold leadership roles within NAREB, provided valuable insights into NAREB's mission. They highlighted the significance of promoting diversity and inclusion, advocating for fair housing, offering educational and training programs, supporting professionalism, assisting small business owners in the industry, and promoting affordable housing. This episode not only shed light on NAREB's pivotal role in the real estate sector but also emphasized its potential to make a substantial impact on real estate professionals and the communities they serve. Kim Williams, Traci Martin, and TyYanna Sharp shared their collective expertise and experience, underscoring the relevance of NAREB's work within the real estate industry.