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L.I.F.E. With DJ Sessions
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L.I.F.E. is an acronym for Lesson in Financial Empowerment. The purpose of this show is to provide financial literacy topics, ideas, concepts, etc. from a variety of industry experts including myself with the goal to help educate and empower people. These lessons will start and or continue the conversations around wealth building and wealth creation for generations and communities across the globe. This show is also available via YouTube channel.

Contact details: DJ Sessions | NMLSR ID .271823 |

  • In this episode, I discuss fraud and the history of fraud.
  • In Life episode 47, we chat with Financial Advisor & Director of Internship David Abney III.
  • In episode 44 of the show "Life with DJ Sessions," we had the opportunity to interview accomplished real estate professionals, including President Kim Williams of Howard Hanna Real Estate Services, 1st Vice President Traci Martin, also affiliated with Howard Hanna Real Estate Services, and 2nd Vice President TyYanna Sharp from The Agora Group. During this episode, we delved into discussions about increasing awareness and membership of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB). These seasoned real estate agents, who concurrently hold leadership roles within NAREB, provided valuable insights into NAREB's mission. They highlighted the significance of promoting diversity and inclusion, advocating for fair housing, offering educational and training programs, supporting professionalism, assisting small business owners in the industry, and promoting affordable housing. This episode not only shed light on NAREB's pivotal role in the real estate sector but also emphasized its potential to make a substantial impact on real estate professionals and the communities they serve. Kim Williams, Traci Martin, and TyYanna Sharp shared their collective expertise and experience, underscoring the relevance of NAREB's work within the real estate industry.
  • In this episode, we chat with Marian Montgomery, a nearly 40-year title expert. Vice President of Marketing at PC Title Pros, & Owner of Invite A Vet & The Liz Kare. Check out this new series as we continue to discuss financial literacy and wealth creation. Music score by Hans Zimmer, Time. PC Title Pros - Linkedin profile - / marian-montgomery-19856b84
  • In this episode, we chat with real estate agent and investor Greg Wimberly. Music score by Hans Zimmer, Time.
  • In Life episode 36, I breakdown the new regulatory policy standards set forth, Appraiser Independence Requirements also known as AIR. Compliance responsibility, licensing or certification, prohibition on influence, examples of prohibited acts, subsequent appraisals, borrower rights, seller-appraiser relationship, use of in-house appraisers, reporting appraiser misconduct, ensuring compliance. Music score by Hans Zimmer, Time.
  • In episode 35 we chat with the owner and manager of Third Perk Coffeehouse located in downtown Dayton, Ohio. Juanita is a consultant, developer, educator, & entrepreneur.
  • Affordable Housing, AMI, Appraisal, CDBG, CDFI, CRA, Displacement, Down Payment Assistance, Eviction, Fair housing FMV, Forgivable Loan, GDPM, Gentrification, HCV, HOME, Hot market, HUD, Land Bank, LIHTC, Market Rate Housing, Market Value, Mixed Income Housing, NOAH, Poverty level, Rent Burdened, Subsidized Housing, TIF, Warming Market, Weak MarketDayton housing round glossary of terms. These terms are widely used when discussing housing policy.
  • In this episode we chat with Daniel Core aka Blackcat. A lifelong friend and entrepreneur who gives us lessons on his thriving pallet resale business.
  • In this episode we chat with Dr. Karen Townsend, a lifelong advocate of bringing people together from all backgrounds. A master in diversity and inclusion and developing effective leaders for organizations.