Eye On Ohio

WCSU met with Lucia Walinchus, Executive Director, Eye On Ohio-Ohio Center for Investigative Journalism to discuss partnership opportunities. Eye on Ohio is a member of the Institute for Non-profit News and their mission is to promote the public good by pursuing in-depth, underreported and high-impact journalism. Their goals is to expose injustice and explore its consequences, and to advance the practice of non-profit investigative journalism.

Lucia Walinchus, Executive Director, Eye On Ohio-Ohio Center

Through this partnership, Eye on Ohio and WCSU will share created content that focuses on truth, accountability, and solutions.“This is a good partnership,” said Dr. Franklin, WCSU General Manager, because it helps meet the public demand for well researched news that benefits the community-particularly the minority community. WCSU will have access to high–impact journalistic news content and Eye on Ohio will have access to audio stories from a minority perspective.” WCSU is one of several media partners recruited by Eye on Ohio to support their mission. To learn more about Eye on Ohio visit eyeonohio.com.