Miami Valley Speaks

Miami Valley Speaks focuses on politics, health, education, race relations, the arts and the economy. Trent Darby hosts this 30 minute community/talk program with dialogue from leaders in the greater Dayton area.

Author Diona Clark will talk about being a victim of domestic violence that resulted in her being shot & left for dead. She will also talk about House Bill 1 which protects unmarried victims of domestic abuse.

Authors La Tanya Branham (left) and Valerie Lewis-Coleman (right) will talk about the 8th annual event that will feature aspiring authors from across the country. They will also speak of their roles as moderators of the expo and there will be special workshop and entertainment for youngsters in the “Kidz Zone.” 

Chris will talk about his days as a member of the Isley Brothers and his latest solo album "By Love, By Life, By The Spirit."

David will talk about the plan to open the Hall Of Fame and some of the local artists and groups that will be featured. Hall Of Fame advisors Stephanie Thornton will talk about her role in finalizing the project and Tim Smith will talk about the section of the Hall Of Fame that will be devoted to jazz.

John McManus from the Dayton School Board, will talk about the progress of Superintendent Rhonda Coor & plans for improving its educational base. This includes adding more experience to the teacher population and improving student enrollment.

Anne will talk about the need for volunteers  as well as increasing challenges that impact African-American males such as the need to provide greater support & critical mentoring services.

Lee Warren will talk about his upbringing in Wilberforce, Ohio. He will discuss his career highlights & future projects for the city of Xenia.

William will expound on this high quality professional learning program that brings about systematic change and features various occupational groups. He will also talk about the many years of experience among its eight team members.