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The Ohio State Task Force on Best Academic Practice Models for Black Students - Part 2

Education inequity in Ohio - what's being done and how our community can help close the achievement gap and improve outcomes for Black children.

Cheryl Durgans, the first African American editor of the 142-year-old Yellow Springs News, is our host for a discussion with Jimma McWilson, an authority on the subject from Youngstown, Ohio, and Tom Roberts, former Ohio State Senator and current President of the Ohio NAACP Conference.

Hailing from Jamestown, Ohio, Wade got his start in broadcasting while serving with the United States Navy at the Armed Forces Network station Eagle 810 in Yokota, Japan. Broadcasting on AM radio across the Kanto Plain, listenership was shared by both American Forces and a Japanese shadow audience tuning in for American Top 40 and an insight to military operations at home and abroad.
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