Trent Darby

Program Producer/The Morning Jazz Cruise

Ways to Connect

Lori will talk about the weekly support meetings where families and individuals share their experiences of being affected by drug addiction. She will also explain the role of a Recovery Ambassador and preview the upcoming 5th Annual F.O.A. Rally 4 Recovery.

Cindy will talk summer safety, distracted driving & rising gas prices.

Cheryl will talk about some of the upcoming events for Minority Health Month. This event will feature free health screenings as well as bringing awareness to infant mortality.

Cindy Atrican from AAA of Dayton will talk about teen driver & senior driver safety as well as House Bill 293. If passed, House Bill 293 would double the length of time a teen driver is required to have their learner’s permit – from 6 months to 12 months and would require that nighttime driving protections begin at 9 p.m. instead of the current time of midnight.

Chris will talk about his days as a member of the Isley Brothers and his latest solo album "By Love, By Life, By The Spirit."

Geneva talks about her book of poetry & essays. She will also talk about her life growing up in the South following the Civil Rights movement and her close relationship with her adopted grandmother.


Dec 12, 2016

Robert Sanae, formerly with the group Zapp featuring Roger and Tom Braxton, who performed with bassist Wayman Tisdale, whips up a nice mixture of progressive, contemporary, chill and smooth jazz with their album “The Other Side.”

Lucy will discuss the rising numbers of suicide among teenagers and video game addiction. She will also cover bullying and the wilderness program.

Diane will talk about the various programs and services available that helps people becoming homeowners through it's renovation or remodeling project and the criteria needed to qualify for one these lovely homes.

Host Trent Darby welcomes Cheryl Scroggins, Community Coordinator for the Dayton Council on Health Equity and Richard Clay Dixon & Bill Dudley of the Miami Valley Collaborative. Topics to be discussed include programs designed to help the urban community live a healthy lifestyle, making better food choices and the importance of mental health. The West Dayton Revitalization Collaborative effort will also be discussed.

Album Review

Nov 21, 2016

Ronnie Laws
(c) 1990 ATA Records

The Houston native came out of his comfort zone to record this unique album that surprises jazz fans with a pure hip hop/r & b approach with the creative production of guitarist Craig T. Cooper (former member of the r & b group Sunrize).

Nuri Muhammad, Student Minister of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, will talk about the 2015 Million Man March that was held in Atlanta. He will also talk about the inner city violence, police killings and the protest of quarterback Colin Kaepernick.


Oct 31, 2016

Gerald Albright is back with his eighteenth solo album called “G” and it packs a powerful punch of freestyle concepts with an extra kick.

“Taking Control,” the first single, showcases Albright's thumping bass line riffs that will remind most of the late Louis Johnson of The Brothers Johnson. “Read Your Mind,” a sexy mid tempo groove features Albright's daughter Selena who provides those complimentary luscious vocal hooks.

C. Ralph Wilcoxson will expound on changes to be made in the juvenile court system. Tony Capizzi will talk about his career as a juvenile court judge & the many programs designed to help juveniles get back on the right track.

Jack will talk about his inspiration for creating this non-profit organization, its four slogans for domestic violence behavior and the upcoming 1/2 Mile Walk for domestic violence coming up on the first Saturday in November.